Please read prior to purchase:

These Action sets have been created for experienced Photoshop users or photographers that have attended Rocco’s demonstrations. They don’t come with instructions.
The Actions available for download are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CC. Please note, these actions will NOT work in Photoshop Elements.

These Actions are compatible with both PC & Mac
As this is a digital product, therefore refunds are not available. Please check your version of Photoshop for compatibility.

We ask that you respect Rocco’s intellectual copyright and do NOT share these actions.
Thank you for understanding

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Achieve dynamic color tones quickly and easily, from retro soft color effects to punch color tonings.

22 Action Set

  • Color Grading
  • Vibrance & Warmth
  • Retro
  • Soft Color
  • Soft Color 2
  • Warm Highlights
  • Creamy Highlights
  • Vintage Pastel
  • Soft Warm Vintage
  • Cinematic
  • Winter Light
  • Spring
  • Autumn Light
  • Summer Light
  • Summer Light Warmer
  • Soft Milky Shadows
  • Milky Wash
  • Milky Highlights
  • Color Wash Peach
  • Color Wash Blue
  • Color Wash Yellow
  • Color Wash Mauve


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